Comments on an unusual career path
As the son of an academic who taught Computer Science, I was lucky enough to have a personal computer at home in 1978 at just 11 years of age. Ever since, I have been totally passionate about programming and to this day I have never stopped developing software applications.
As a result, I have used almost all of the micro-computing technologies that have appeared over the last thirty years or so (evolution from single station to local network and later Internet, from fat client to thin client (n-tier) and then to the Web (RIA : Rich Internet Applications), from DOS to Windows and Linux, from assembler to Basic then Pascal then C and finally to CASEs, but also from flat file databases to dBase and finally RDBMS (SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, PostgreSql,”¦).
This unconventional background gives me a precise and deep understanding of the implications involved in a particular technical or architectural choice. The high number of applications I have created and the great diversity of fields these apply to give me the ability to take on your project in total serenity and to be operational quickly.  I have made code optimisation and improvement of the overall performance of an application my specialty and actually I would say that it is working in these areas that gives me the most satisfaction.
Because I am truly autonomous, I am able to work alone and manage all aspects of a project. Flexible and sociable, I will fit right in to an existing team of developers and adopt the work methods and programming standards in place.
Michel Fages