Who am I?
I am a freelancer at your disposal for short- or long-term projects involving WinDev, which I have expert knowledge in since 1994, as well as WebDev and WinDev Mobile. I also use Adobe Flex to create Rich Internet Applications (RIA).
I mainly offer the following services:

• Development of complete software solutions

• Support to teams of developers

• Auditing and optimisation of existing projects

• Migrations from HyperFile to « real » SQL databases (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)
• Outsourcing of your company’s technical or R&D management

• Hopeless cases where processing needs to be optimised (processing time is often cut by a factor of several tens or hundreds)
• Physical and logical security, cryptography

• System-level and low-level development in C/C++

• All kinds of rare and peculiar cases

To my credit, I have carried out a great many projects using WinDev (see my references), for many different functions and a wide variety of fields of application (management, industry, logistics, finance, systems, security, cryptography).
I initiated the open-source project WdScript, a CGI engine that is written in WinDev and makes it possible to produce websites without using WebDev. Using WdScript, I made the website for La Place des Arts in Montréal (Canada).
Based in the Rhône-Alpes region, in Saint Clair de la Tour (at the centre of the Lyon-Grenoble-Chambery triangle), when a project requires me to do so I can travel nationally and/or internationally, and I can work on your premises or remotely from my home. Having lived in Canada for 6 years, I developed my skills in a bilingual working environment (several projects carried out in the USA and English-speaking parts of Canada).
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding my services, my availability, or even for a little friendly technical advice…
Michel Fages